Mouser Week XIII 2012

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Mouser Week XIII 2012

Postby Freak » Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:35 pm

Allright, we've procrastinated long enough, the next Twin Cities Mouser Week will be Jan 28th-Feb 5, 2012. It's our equivalent of the cave campout but with less camping in caves (unless you want to!) There will be exploring, social events, antisocial events, more exploring, some parties, and fun!

Locals often have crash space available for visiting explorers. Most of the action typically takes place on the weekends, but there's also stuff going on during the week.

Here's the UER event:

Or you can contact me or other locals for more info. It would be awesome to get some of you people up there! Gringo needs to bring his big muddy truck, I'm sure we can find somewhere ridiculous to drive it into!

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