Explorers shot...over 60 years ago

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From a 1946 newspaper article:

Tulsa, July 7
Two youthful Tulsans, members of prominent families, were in the hospital today and a 74 year old recluse was in jail as the aftermath of an attempt by the two young persons to explore a "haunted house."
Sheriff George Blaine and a group of deputies late last night held G.W. Sanders for investigation after the elderly man, described as a recluse, had barricaded himself for several hours in an old stone house near Tulsa's Oakhurst community.
Blaine quoted Sanders as admitting that he fired the shots that sent Wally Smith, 23, and Miss Natalie Whitaker, 19, to the hospital for treatment of buckshot wounds.
Smith and Miss Whitaker were wounded when a group of young persons stopped at Sanders's place on the way home from a picnic with the intention of investigating the "haunted" house.
More than fifty officers, armed with machine guns and tear gas, rushed to the place when informed of the shooting. The elderly man talked occasionally with the officers, but steadfastly ignored their commands to come out. Only after Sheriff Blaine explained that he had wounded two young persons did Sanders agree to come down stairs and open the door.
The condition of the buckshot victims was reported as not dangerous.



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Word to ya mother
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Oh no! Not the old Sanders place!
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I say it every time - houses bring some Ju-Ju that I don't want to mess with.
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