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KCUrbex: The Rebirth

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:16 pm
by Snoopy
Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don't know me, I was the administrator of; a website I created when KCUrbex went offline forever in October of 2016. I tried to buy KCUrbex off of youthsonic back then but he was still thinking of relaunching the site. Throughout 2017, we tried to relaunch the site multiple times and only glimpses of it were seen from time to time. Fast forward to this year, I was given the opportunity from youthsonic to buy the site and keep running it, which I accepted. I love this website, I met a lot of you through it and I have seen a lot of places I wouldn't have even known about if I were still exploring solo today. This site means a lot to everyone, some people put their whole being into this website since it originally launched and it still has a lot of good information in the under-forums. I'm so happy I have the opportunity to re-launch the website that has been a huge part of the community since 2005. But with rebirth, comes change...

Soooo..... what is changing?
The forum is... lets face it, dead. Some of the sites downfalls were just downtime, social media, and a little bit of drama. I plan to change things and create an environment that protects our members and our places while also making it easy for newcomers to join.

The Structure
The forum structure was kind really messy and didn't work so well. Newcomers were posting in the public meetups forum because that was the only place to post. I want to have the forum more open, while keeping a lock on certain areas. I had a Public and Private location database on UrbexKC and I didn't like the way that functioned. For a site like this one, UrbexKC's structure is too open so I'll be creating a General UE area that everyone can access to post places they visit.

The Vouch/Recommendation System
I think this system is okay, requiring 2-3 vouches before you can see more forums, but most of the mods/admins are not active anymore so something might need to change here.

Levels of Trust
Currently we only have one level of trust. Technically two but the second isn't well organized at all. My proposal is to have two Private databases. One for people we think are safe to add and one for people we know are safe.

Current Moderators/Admins
I left the core group of admins/mods alone to see how everything goes if they get back online. Like I said, this site is dead so we will see if there needs to be changes to the Core KCUrbex team.

I plan to also implement a plethora of new features that were successful on UrbexKC that I will transfer here.
I'm sure there is more I left out which I'll add to this later if I think of it. Shoot me a message if there are any questions!

Re: KCUrbex: The Rebirth

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:22 pm
by Snoopy
Just a few updates... In the short week I have had ownership, I have overhauled KCUrbEx to fix and implement a bunch of new features.

-The template for the website is fixed. There was an issue with menus opening and icons being missing while reading threads.
-I have implemented a new spam filter and recaptcha that will keep spam bots from signing up. I have also blocked a couple problem email domains.
-I have implemented a mobile app, we are just waiting on approval from the app stores now so by launch it will be available.
-I have restructured and reorganized the public forum.
-I have cleaned out all of the unactivated accounts to free up username availability. This reduced user count from 8,000 to just over 3,000.
-Fixed an issue with users not being able to delete their accounts. This has been added to users' UCPs.
-I have started implementing Thread Prefixes. If you are familiar with how they worked on UrbexKC, they would let you note a thread on a location as different statuses such as active, abandoned, destroyed, unknown, ect.
-Users can now activate themselves via an email the board will send. Accounts that haven't been activated more than 30 days will be deleted to keep inactive accounts from taking up unnecessary space.
-Also fixed an issue with the board not sending activation emails. This has been tested and fixed.
-Added a FAQ section. This will be to notate any popular questions or locations that people keep asking about. This will help keep the forum clean and all of the information can be consolidated.
-Fixed the help pages. For some reason they didn't go anywhere when you clicked on them.
-Added a more organized location database for the private forum. Organized by State, City, area, ect.
-Added a better tier system for new members. This will help keep newbies active in the community.
-I have updated all of the templates, extensions, and PHPBB itself to all current versions.
-I have set a limit on new members where they can't send private messages until 3 posts. This will encourage people to be active in the forums before unlocking more account functions. This will also keep people from just registering to ask where locations are.

Re: KCUrbex: The Rebirth

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:56 am
by Snoopy
More updates.
After a week of downtime due to issues with PHPBB, I have repaired the forum. Apparently there was an issue with some of the files not updating to the current version. I deleted all of the PHPBB framework except for the forum images and other little things and then rebuilt it from the ground up. KCUrbEx is now no longer a junkyard car reassembled with new parts and is instead a brand new machine off of the assembly line, we should have no more issues from here on out.